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2nd "Judicium" Faculty of Sports Sciences : Growing up Morality, Achievement, And Knowledge Sharing

by: Admin      Date: 17-07-2019      189 reader

Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIO)- Surabaya, July 16th 2019 at the 3rd floor Auditorium of Faculty of Sports Sciences (FIO) Unesa has successfully held the 2nd Judicium. The event was attended by Dr.Setiyo Hartoto, M.Kes as the Dean, Drs. Gatot Darmawan, M.Pd (Vice Dean of Academics Affairs), Drs. Arif Bulqini, M.Kes (Vice Dean of General and Financial), Abdul Hafidz, S.Pd., M.Pd (Vice Dean of Student and Alumni), Senate, Lecturers, dan Educator.

in this 2nd judicium event, FIO has successfully graduated their 112 students from 3 majors, 40 students from Department of Sporsts Education, 24 students from Department of Sports Coaching, and 48 students from Department of Health and Recreation Education.

From 112 students, there were 3 students who received an honors because of their achievement when they studied and educated at FIO, they were Desy Kartika Permatasari from Department of Physical Education with GPA 3.77, Laily Mita Andriana from Department of Sports Coaching Education with GPA 3.80, and PRiska Okta Avia Martha from Department of Healt and Recreation Education with GPA 3.83.

they got a certificate and money as a form of appreciation for struggling to get the best achievement while they studied at FIO.

In this event, Setiyo Hartoto as Dean, in his remarks, conveyed a message to all students that don't forget to share your knowledge, and be a smart & lucky person. "Smart person lose to lucky person, but i hope all of you become not just lucky but also a smart person." he conclude.

In addition, there was a special speech from the representative of lecturer, namely Mr. Machfud Irsyada, "always develop morality first, then achievement, also don't forget to always pray and keep trying" said the national coach. (ARK)