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SUKIPT is an international event between universities conducted on 2nd-7th of February, 2018 at Universiti Putra Malaysia where Unesa is represented only by sepak takraw sport. From the branch of onahraga takraw We get three champions (bronze medal) after successfully defeating thailand represented by NTRU university in the final of the 3rd winner (bronze medal). Prior to that in the group stage until the quarter-finals (top 8) representatives from Unesa were never invincible. But in the semi-finals, Unesa players who get silver when POMNAS in Makassar was stopped by a representative from Thailand represented by Thaksin University. According to I Dewa Made Aryananda Wijaya Kusuma, S.Pd., M.Or. as a coach that the defeat is not separated from the lack of preparation from Unesa takraw team which coincided with the 2017/2018 gasoline vacations and a very good game from Thaksin University. Student athletes who represent Unesa in the sport of takraw are really worthy to compete in the international arena where our achievement can bring the name of Unesa in the international world. The players from Unesa brought Dedi Setiadi Suryo Wicaksono, Dwi Dika Saputra, Jimmy Kartika Duwi Saputra, and Abdul Muin.
Hope for the follow-up of this result is preparation that must be more mature through training program in SME Sepak Takraw Unesa and notification of event participation that does not mendakan, meaning keuikutsertaa in an event should be planned and targeted as high-level. This kind of activity is very good to boost students' competence not only in academic but also non academic. Such an international event should be followed by other student activity units in order to honor the name of the accredited Unesa institution.



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Surabaya, January 16, 2018. Implementation Working Meeting in facing Even Semester 2017/2018 School Year in the Faculty of Sport Science is followed by all academic community FIK Unesa. Working meetings are followed by the lecturers and educational staff is opened by the Dean of Faculty of Science Sport, Prof. Dr. H. Nurhasan, M.Kes. with the agenda of reporting the achievement achievement of last semester activity and the target of the work plan of semester semester 2017/2018. The meeting held in 3rd floor auditorium of FIK Unesa was filled with work presentation and work program from Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Vice Dean for General and Finance Affairs, Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni, and Head of Administration of FIK Unesa. the event is followed by all academic community FIK Unesa is also at once to introduce some new officials in accordance with Peta Position and Position Muatanasi where the Head of Administration of the old Dra. Retno Hastutiningsih, M.M. which has fulfilled the Limit of Retirement Age (BUP) replaced by Mr. Sudarman, S.Sos., M.Pd., while the Head of Academic, Student Affairs and Alumni who originally held by Bapak. Tonny J. Backry, S.Kar. M.M., replaced by Mr. Mohamad Sulton Arifin, S.Pd., M.Pd.

The work program of FIK Unesa Leadership in Semester Evenly 2017/2018 has some focus of concentration such as the development of student academic curriculum, facilities service and lecture infrastructure, proposal of lecturer qualification through promotion, position and education of lecturer. Besides, it also improves the quality of excellent service in FIK Unesa as well as improving the quality and achievement of students in the national and international scope.



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Inauguration of one lecturer Department of Sport Coaching Faculty of Sport Science on behalf of Prof. Dr. I Made Sri Undy Mahardika, M.Pd., by the Senate of the State University of Surabaya is the result of the implementation of proposing the rank and position of lecturers at the Faculty of Sport Science in 2017. In addition there are 11 names of lecturers who have been promoted as well as positions in the Faculty of Sport Sciences. The names are:

  1. Dr. I Made Sri Undy Mahardika, M.Pd., Jabatan Guru Besar IV/c.
  2. Or. Gigih Siantoro, S.Pd., M.Pd., Jabatan Lektor Kepala pangkat Pembina, Gol. IV/a.
  3. Dita Yuliastrid, S.Si., M.Kes., Jabatan Lektor Pangkat Penata Tk, I, Gol. III/d.
  4. Anna Noordia, S.TP., M.Kes. Jabatan Lektor Pangkat Penata, Gol. III/c.
  5. Sapto Wibowo, S.Pd., M.Pd., Jabatan Asisten Ahli Pangkat Penata Muda Tk. I, Gol. III/b.
  6. Faridha Nurhayati., S.Pd., M.Pd., Jabatan Lektor pangkat Penata, Gol. III/c.
  7. Elfia Rosyida, M.Kes., Jabatan Asisten Ahli pangkat Penata Muda Tk. I, Gol. III/b.
  8. Ananda Perwira Bhakti, M.Kes., Jabatan Asisten Ahli Pangkat Penata Muda Tk. I, Gol. III/b.
  9. Bayu Agung Pramono, M.Pd. jabatan Asisten Ahli pangkat Penata Muda Tk. I, Gol. III/b.
  10. Hamdani, M.Pd., Jabatan Lektor pangkat Penata Muda. Gol. III/a.
  11. Aghus Sifaq, M.Pd., Jabatan Asisten Ahli Pangkat Penata Muda Tk. I, Gol. III/b.
  12. David agus, S.Pd., M.Pd., Jabatan Asisten Ahli pangkat Penata Muda Tk. I, Gol. III/b.

The above are the names of lecturers who rise the rank and position of dam in 2017. And to be able to immediately propose the rank for other lecturers related to the rules and requirements and the values that need to be collected can be downloaded at http://fik.unesa.ac .id/download. 



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SURABAYA, To commemorate National Sports Day and Dies Natalis Unesa Ke 53 Faculty of Sport Science held FUN WALK & Entertainment activity of OM NEW KAMPRET, Sunday, November 19, 2017 at Campus of Lidah Wetan Surabaya, starting at 06.00 with prizes of motorbike and Dorprize 25 millions.

Workshop & Coaching Clinic Students Creativity Program 5 Fields

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Surabaya, In order to prepare and facilitate the Students in reasoning activities in the field of scientific work, the field of Student Affairs and Alumni Faculty of Sport Science Held a training and workshop of writing scientific papers (PKM 5 Fields) to non-mission students mission force 2016 and 2015 and simultaneously refresher reasoning guidance for Lecturer, held for 3 days from 10 till 12 October 2017 which is followed from 3 Prodi selingkung Faculty of Sport Science and bring experienced resource in its field among them Andi Irawan Benardi, S.Pd., M.Pd., from Unnes Semarang is looking for Pimnas Gold in Poster making, Dr. Made Pramono, M. Hum. (Unesa); Bandung Arry, S.Mi., M.Kom. (ITS); Fafi Inayatilah, S.Pd., M.Pd., (FBS -Unesa); Prof. Dr. Tukiran, M.Si. (FMIPA-Unesa).


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SURABAYA, Congratulations & Success of 3rd Yudisium FIK Unesa with 2017 yudisiawan number, consist of three study program, S1 PJKR Prodi 75 yudisiawan, S1 PKO Prodi 53 yudisiawan, S1 Sports Science S1 78 yudisiawan, Pamuncak Jur. PJKR a.n. Muhammad Mizam (3.72), Pamuncak Jur. PKO a.n. Al bertus Joshua M.L.T. (3.65), Puncak IKOR a.n.Galih Prastyo Utomo (3.72). (st)




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Surabaya, the peak ceremony of National Sports Day (HAORNAS) XXXIV of East Java Province was held at Gor Futsal Internasional Unesa which acts as inspector of DR ceremony. H. Soekarwo (East Java Governor) attended by the leaders of East Java government, KONI, Unesa and FIK Unesa, FIP, FBS, SMANOR and SMAN 13 Surabaya students in the event, in East Java Dance, IPSI Unesa, Gymnastics Athlete East Java, Blood Donor activity and Exspo Unesa Student Activity Unit.




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Surabaya, SURABAYA STATE UNIVERSITY is ready to accredited Higher Education Accreditation (APT) to A accreditation, with the accreditation is expected to improve the competitiveness of the nation, which can be achieved by making college graduates as skilled and qualified workforce, enhancing the nation's competitiveness so we are not left behind in the future era.


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