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2nd "Judicium" Faculty of Sports Sciences : Growing up Morality, Achievement, And Knowledge Sharing

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Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIO)- Surabaya, July 16th 2019 at the 3rd floor Auditorium of Faculty of Sports Sciences (FIO) Unesa has successfully held the 2nd Judicium. The event was attended by Dr.Setiyo Hartoto, M.Kes as the Dean, Drs. Gatot Darmawan, M.Pd (Vice Dean of Academics Affairs), Drs. Arif Bulqini, M.Kes (Vice Dean of General and Financial), Abdul Hafidz, S.Pd., M.Pd (Vice Dean of Student and Alumni), Senate, Lecturers, dan Educator.

in this 2nd judicium event, FIO has successfully graduated their 112 students from 3 majors, 40 students from Department of Sporsts Education, 24 students from Department of Sports Coaching, and 48 students from Department of Health and Recreation Education.

From 112 students, there were 3 students who received an honors because of their achievement when they studied and educated at FIO, they were Desy Kartika Permatasari from Department of Physical Education with GPA 3.77, Laily Mita Andriana from Department of Sports Coaching Education with GPA 3.80, and PRiska Okta Avia Martha from Department of Healt and Recreation Education with GPA 3.83.

they got a certificate and money as a form of appreciation for struggling to get the best achievement while they studied at FIO.

In this event, Setiyo Hartoto as Dean, in his remarks, conveyed a message to all students that don't forget to share your knowledge, and be a smart & lucky person. "Smart person lose to lucky person, but i hope all of you become not just lucky but also a smart person." he conclude.

In addition, there was a special speech from the representative of lecturer, namely Mr. Machfud Irsyada, "always develop morality first, then achievement, also don't forget to always pray and keep trying" said the national coach. (ARK)


Academic Calender 2019/2020

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This is the link to download Academic Calendar 2019/2020




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Shuttlecock Waste Bag (TABACO) by Unesa Students

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The Student Creativity Program (PKM) is one of the Belmawa Kemenristekdikti programs that can develop the creative ideas from students. The program covers several fields, one of them is Enterpreneurship PKM (PKM-K). Sport Science Faculty (FIO) students, they are Dita Septiara Wulandari (2018) and Fikratinnisa (2018), Timur Wedaring Wacana (2017 - FT), Silfiana Putri (2017 - FT) and Lindah Tri Amanat Sari (2018 - FE), under the guidance of Andhega Wijaya, S.Pd., M.Or.

They received a grant from Belmawa Kemenristekdikti through the PKM - K they made, because they created a creative innovation that's by making bags that are ornamented with shuttlecock waste. It's so uniquely designed with a model of current trends known as "TABACO". 

Tabaco has several advantages besides its main ingredients which are environmentally friendly, the price is also cheap compared to the other competitors. The price of Tabaco is about 100 to 150 thousand rupiah. Another advantage is the unique and attractive design and color of Tabaco. Dita as team leader revealed that the idea arose because she saw the opportunity for more shuttlecock waste due to the public enthusiasm for badminton after the Asean Games was held last year.

Besides that Dita also revealed that entrepreneurship in present is very easy, a lot of media that can be used as a means to market products especially a bag.

Silfi as a member of the team revealed that Tabaco has 4 models of bags thah can be selected by consumers, for handbag (Belana), bag circle (Micosa), pouch (Cotta) and slingbag (Livya).

To order Tabaco bags please via Whatsapp : 081233557950 and Instagram @Tabaco.id


Researching Ojhung Culture, Unesa Students Recommend Tourism Sport in Madura

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Who doesn't know the term Sport Tourism ? Maybe, many of us just hear the term but don't really understand about sports tourism.

Sport Tourism is a type of trip to participate in sports activities, whether it's just recreation, competing, or traveling to sports sites such as stadiums. Sport Tourism or Sports Tourism is a new paradigm in the development of tourism and sports in Indonesia.

One effort that can be developed through this sport tourism is to lift an ojhung tradition. Ojhung tradition is the art of fighting by beating each other and parrying the opponent's limbs by using a rattan brokered or guided by a referee.

This art highlights the physical strength of the player. This art can be played by anyone, both teenagers and adults, both men and women.

Seeing the potential of ojhung which is quite interesting when developed, then in the hands of students of the Unesa sports science faculty, he is Febryansah Gilang, seized the opportunity to develop sport tourism in traditional ojhung art.

The art of the traditional ojhung has the potential to be developed into a culture-based sport tourism. In this case, culture-based sport tourism combines sports activities with the power of the traditional art of ojhung, said Gilang when interviewed.

Capturing considerable potential, of course you don't want to miss it. Moreover, the introduction of sport tourism in the Madura region is still untouched. So, the potential for development can run well.

In addition, with the presence of sport tourism in the Madura region, it will certainly boost the economy on the salt island. The introduction as a new tourist attraction will invite many domestic and foreign tourists so that its usefulness is quite high.

Ojhung, based on sport tourism, has the potential to increase tourism potential and Indonesia's cultural heritage.

Although it is quite difficult to develop sports tourism it is necessary to do this, because the development of sports tourism has high selling points. The results obtained are not just free, but quality.



Building a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere through halal bihalal

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Surabaya, June 13, 2019. The Faculty of Sports Science (FIO) holds a Halal bihalal event. The event which was held in front of the Unesa An Nur Mosque, with theme "Through the spirit of Halal Bihalal 1 Syawal 1440 H, We Adhere to Brotherhood, Togetherness, and Institutional Strenghthening of the Unesa Faculty of Sciences". Also attending the event, Unesa Rector Prof. Dr. Nurhasan, M.Kes., Vice Rector in Field of Student and Aumni Dr. Agus Hariyanto, M.Kes., Unesa Rector for the period 1997 - 2001 Prof. Drs. H. Toho Cholik Mutohir, M.A, Ph.D., Full Duty, Lecturer, Education Staff, Representative from Ormawa, BTN Bank, Jatim Bank, and IBIS Surabaya Hotel. Dr. Setiyo Hartoto, M.Kes., As Dean of FIO expressed her gratitude and gratitude for the willingness of the invitees, especially those who had taken the time to attend this Halal bihalal event. Not only that, Setiyo Hartoto also told a little about the history and development of the FIO.

"In the past when I was a young lecturer, character education was very much highlighted. So, respect for the seniors is very obvious, and thank God that the SPO used to swim to Gunungsari and softball had to go to Kertajaya, now that the FIO has changed all facilities are complete", he said. Meanwhile Ustadz Zainal Abidin, S.Ag, M.Fill., in his lecture alluding to the history of halal bihalal, where this term is a form of new innovation that is thick with moments of Eid. According to Ustadz Zainal, halal bihalal is a tradition, which is something that must be maintained if it is good, including customs. 

"Through this halal bihalal, we spread our smile to our superiors and subordinates, lecturers and students, so that we can build a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, do not mock people who are wrong especially people who are not wrongly slandered to be wrong, correct yourself, cry your own mistakes and easily forgive is the key to strengthening the brotherhood, togetherness, and strengthening of an institution", said Ustadz Zainal. The event was also enlivened by Qori's appearance from FIO students, as well as performances from FBS studets (tni/ark)


"Dharma Wanita" Unesa Making An Event to Celebrate "Kartini's Day" in FIO Unesa

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Kartini or we know as Raden Adjeng Kartini (R.A Kartini) is a Javanese figure and one of Indonesia's national heroes. She is known as a pioneer of the revival of indigenous women. R.A Kartini was a figure who loved children, society and especially women at that time. She has a great desire and cares for education of the surroundings. She was also given support by her husband, K.R.M Adipati Ario Singgih Djojo Adhiningrat, to establish a women's school to the east of the gate of the Rembang district office complex, or what is now commonly referred to as the "Pramuka Building".

Therefore to commemorate the birth of R.A Kartini, Unesa Dharma Wanita Association held an event titled "the Spirit of Kartini, Strengthening the Creativity & Creativity of Today's Women". Held in the 3rd Floor Auditorium of the Faculty of Sports Science (FIO) Unesa, the activity to commemorate Kartini Day began with the reading of prayers and continued with singing the Indonesia Raya song which was continued with DHarma Wanita hmn. After singing it, the activity was continued with the opening by representatives of the FIO Dharma Wanita union, Unesa Dharma Wanita Association and Representatives from Chancellor of Unesa.

After the opening ceremony, the activity was continued with a seminar delivered by Siti Nurul Hidayati, S.Pd.,M.Pd. In her seminar, Mrs. Siti Nurul said that the modern Kartini must "BAPER", must "Bring Change". In the past, R.A Kartini was tritated through letters to elevate women's degrees, now modern Kartini must be "BAPER" that is "Bringing the Change". If Kartini used to titrate through letters, then in this modern era, modern Kartini must use digital literacy to continue learning and must be smart to sort out what is good, what is bad, what is needed, and what is not needed, she said. She also took the example of figures who became Kartini in this modern era, such as the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini and Sri Mulyani, Minister of the Indonesian Economy.

The activity continued with the appearance of the representatives of  Unesa Dharma Wanita FIO Union.


comparative study UNDHIKSA to FIO UNESA

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