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Grand Final Cak & Ning 2019 FIO Unesa

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Celebrating the 36th Sports National Day, FIO Made a Ceremony Event

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fik.unesa.ac.id-Surabaya  Glory of the ceremony to commemorate the 36th National Sports Day (HAORNAS) was lively and solemn. The event which was held in the field of the Faculty of Sport Science (FIO) Building U1 Unesa, was attended by the Dean and staff, lecturers, students of FIO and who acted as the ceremonial organizer by Rectorof UNESA, Prof. Dr. Nurhasan, M.Kes.

Unesa Rector and former Dean of FIO, Prof. Dr. Nurhasan, M.Kes, in his message said that the FIO academic community, together guarding the HAORNAS dignity.

"This is a momentum that must be maintained, we are given appreciation by the leaders of this nation, with HAORNAS every September 9th. So like it or not, and it's mandatory, the FIO Unesa community is required to carry out and preserve the "marwah" HAORNAS 9 September, don't let it go ", he said.

The Cancellor added, the October 13th will be the highlight event of HAORNAS, he asked the Dean and staff to be obliged to attend HAORNAS.

"If Faculty of Education has a National Education Day, so Faculty of Sport Science has a National Sports Day, and our obligation is to take part in guarding marwah, because not all sports communities are sensitive and care about HAORNAS. This is the Industrial Era 4.0, so we must be creative, innovative and able to adabt to the situation. If it is not maintained, the sport will collapse", said the Chancellor of Unesa.

In addition there are Prof. Made as a representative of the FIO lecturer who participated in delivering several messages. He said that for 2020, all study programs at Unesa agreed to research on how to substitute sports science into study program throughout Unesa. So that sports really become the flagship of Unesa. 

After he delivered his mandate, the event continued with the Awarding of the Charter to the outstanding students, They are Febryansyah Gilang who had won 1st place in the 32nd PIMNAS event Poster category in PKM-M, and to David Sahirul who won 1st Karate Champion in the U20 Men in Ceko 2019, as well as the release of ballons into the air by the Chancellor.

The event was closed with aerobics with lecturers and students, as well as karate, pecak silat and fencing performances. As well as several competition held in the yard of the Faculty of Sport Science such as, tug of war, and inserting nails into the bottles. (ark/wny)


ISSES 2019 "Golf and Woodball Athlete Development and Training"

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fik.unesa.ac.id - Surabaya. The Faculty of Sport Science, Surabaya State University, held an International Seminar of Sport and Exercise Science (ISSES 2019) with the theme Golf and Woodball Athlete Development and Training. This international seminar was held on Monday (08/19/2019) in the Auditorium Room of the Rectorate Building Surabaya State University Lidah Wetan Surabaya starting at 08.00 am - 16.00 pm.

The event which was held at the Auditorium of the Unesa Rectorate was attended by 260 participants consisting of lecturers from 3 state and private universities throughout Indonesia, administrators and athletes from the Indonesian Golf Association of East Java and the Woodball Association of East Java, East Timor Sports Committee, Public Society, and Undergraduate Students especially new students 2019 the Faculty of Sport Science, Surabaya State University and Graduate students. The event was opened by Mr. Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, S.Pd., M.Ed as Head of the Organizing Committee of the 2019 International Seminar on Sport and Exercise Science (ISSES 2019).

The first international seminar material was presented by Prof. Drs. Toho Cholik Mutohir, MA. Ph.D as Former Director General and Deputy of the Ministry of Sports with the title "Long Term Athlete Development (LATD) : An Application of Sports Sciences & Technology). In his seminar, he said that the "Sport System" in Indonesia has not been well developed, even though Indonesia has the national law of 2005 on the "Sport System" is still traditionally applied, he continued that issues such as lack of training for the ratio of competition at the beginning of the year, competition that should be for adults charged to young athletes, training programs for male athletes instead used for female athletes, etc. it's still there.

After Prof. Toho Cholik delivered the seminar, on the same occasion, Prof. Chung Bing Yang (EMBA Associate professor, association director, Lions Club International manager) presented material on Golf and Woodball Training. He delivered a step by step technique in demonstrating the correct position of the body and hands in holding, swinging golf stick and woodball, so the ball can reach the target correctly. "The most important thing about golf is how to regulate how we stand", he said. Some people have a very straight position on their backs, but what is really needed is a slightly bent position when swinging a golf ball. In addition, in golf and woodball there are differences even though they look the same. The difference is the position of the hand grip when swinging between golf and woodball. In golf, to reach the main target of flying balls and there are no obstacles. Whereas the target woodball is rolling ball and there are many obstacles because the terrain is not the same shape.

In addition to Prof. Yang from Taiwan, there were 2 other presenters. They are Greg Wilson, Ph.D from ASCA with Strength & Condition for Golf Athlete material, and Matthew L. Blaylock, Ph.D with his material on Sport Psychology for Golf. (ARK/WNY).



Anti Corruption

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2nd "Judicium" Faculty of Sports Sciences : Growing up Morality, Achievement, And Knowledge Sharing

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Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIO)- Surabaya, July 16th 2019 at the 3rd floor Auditorium of Faculty of Sports Sciences (FIO) Unesa has successfully held the 2nd Judicium. The event was attended by Dr.Setiyo Hartoto, M.Kes as the Dean, Drs. Gatot Darmawan, M.Pd (Vice Dean of Academics Affairs), Drs. Arif Bulqini, M.Kes (Vice Dean of General and Financial), Abdul Hafidz, S.Pd., M.Pd (Vice Dean of Student and Alumni), Senate, Lecturers, dan Educator.

in this 2nd judicium event, FIO has successfully graduated their 112 students from 3 majors, 40 students from Department of Sporsts Education, 24 students from Department of Sports Coaching, and 48 students from Department of Health and Recreation Education.

From 112 students, there were 3 students who received an honors because of their achievement when they studied and educated at FIO, they were Desy Kartika Permatasari from Department of Physical Education with GPA 3.77, Laily Mita Andriana from Department of Sports Coaching Education with GPA 3.80, and PRiska Okta Avia Martha from Department of Healt and Recreation Education with GPA 3.83.

they got a certificate and money as a form of appreciation for struggling to get the best achievement while they studied at FIO.

In this event, Setiyo Hartoto as Dean, in his remarks, conveyed a message to all students that don't forget to share your knowledge, and be a smart & lucky person. "Smart person lose to lucky person, but i hope all of you become not just lucky but also a smart person." he conclude.

In addition, there was a special speech from the representative of lecturer, namely Mr. Machfud Irsyada, "always develop morality first, then achievement, also don't forget to always pray and keep trying" said the national coach. (ARK)


Academic Calender 2019/2020

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This is the link to download Academic Calendar 2019/2020




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Shuttlecock Waste Bag (TABACO) by Unesa Students

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The Student Creativity Program (PKM) is one of the Belmawa Kemenristekdikti programs that can develop the creative ideas from students. The program covers several fields, one of them is Enterpreneurship PKM (PKM-K). Sport Science Faculty (FIO) students, they are Dita Septiara Wulandari (2018) and Fikratinnisa (2018), Timur Wedaring Wacana (2017 - FT), Silfiana Putri (2017 - FT) and Lindah Tri Amanat Sari (2018 - FE), under the guidance of Andhega Wijaya, S.Pd., M.Or.

They received a grant from Belmawa Kemenristekdikti through the PKM - K they made, because they created a creative innovation that's by making bags that are ornamented with shuttlecock waste. It's so uniquely designed with a model of current trends known as "TABACO". 

Tabaco has several advantages besides its main ingredients which are environmentally friendly, the price is also cheap compared to the other competitors. The price of Tabaco is about 100 to 150 thousand rupiah. Another advantage is the unique and attractive design and color of Tabaco. Dita as team leader revealed that the idea arose because she saw the opportunity for more shuttlecock waste due to the public enthusiasm for badminton after the Asean Games was held last year.

Besides that Dita also revealed that entrepreneurship in present is very easy, a lot of media that can be used as a means to market products especially a bag.

Silfi as a member of the team revealed that Tabaco has 4 models of bags thah can be selected by consumers, for handbag (Belana), bag circle (Micosa), pouch (Cotta) and slingbag (Livya).

To order Tabaco bags please via Whatsapp : 081233557950 and Instagram @Tabaco.id


Researching Ojhung Culture, Unesa Students Recommend Tourism Sport in Madura

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Who doesn't know the term Sport Tourism ? Maybe, many of us just hear the term but don't really understand about sports tourism.

Sport Tourism is a type of trip to participate in sports activities, whether it's just recreation, competing, or traveling to sports sites such as stadiums. Sport Tourism or Sports Tourism is a new paradigm in the development of tourism and sports in Indonesia.

One effort that can be developed through this sport tourism is to lift an ojhung tradition. Ojhung tradition is the art of fighting by beating each other and parrying the opponent's limbs by using a rattan brokered or guided by a referee.

This art highlights the physical strength of the player. This art can be played by anyone, both teenagers and adults, both men and women.

Seeing the potential of ojhung which is quite interesting when developed, then in the hands of students of the Unesa sports science faculty, he is Febryansah Gilang, seized the opportunity to develop sport tourism in traditional ojhung art.

The art of the traditional ojhung has the potential to be developed into a culture-based sport tourism. In this case, culture-based sport tourism combines sports activities with the power of the traditional art of ojhung, said Gilang when interviewed.

Capturing considerable potential, of course you don't want to miss it. Moreover, the introduction of sport tourism in the Madura region is still untouched. So, the potential for development can run well.

In addition, with the presence of sport tourism in the Madura region, it will certainly boost the economy on the salt island. The introduction as a new tourist attraction will invite many domestic and foreign tourists so that its usefulness is quite high.

Ojhung, based on sport tourism, has the potential to increase tourism potential and Indonesia's cultural heritage.

Although it is quite difficult to develop sports tourism it is necessary to do this, because the development of sports tourism has high selling points. The results obtained are not just free, but quality.