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Opening Ceremony National Sports Day 2018 and 54th Dies Natalis of Unesa

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93 Students Faculty of Sport Sciences were yudisium in the second yudisium

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Inauguration of faculty of sporst science student's organization period 2018

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E-voting for election in faculty of sports science

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Quick Count Result of Election of Faculty Sports Science UNESA 2018

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Diphtheria Counseling and immunization for college students in faculty of sports science

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Diphtheria is a bacterial infection that generally attacks the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. And can sometimes affect the skin. the disease is highly contagious and includes serious potentially life threatening infection. that's what publich health officer said.

yesterday, march 15 2018. faculty of sports science invited all collage students from 3 departement for attending the diphtheria counseling.besides they got the knowledge about diphtheria, they also got diphtheria immunization. total 292 college student who attended the yesterday event.

publich healht officer said that this immunization will be implemented in 3 steps this year, and today is the first step. 


Congratulation, 1st Yudisium FIK UNESA 2018

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surabaya, faculty of sport science, surabaya state university,has judgmented 86 undegraduate students that consist of 20 undergraduate students from physical,health and recreation education department, 30 undergraduate students from sport coaching education department, and there were also 36 undergraduate students from sport science department.

there were 3 best students from each department. they are  Obaja Pandu Wicaksono from sport science departement with GPA 3.784, from coaching education department has Ainul Ghurri for best students with GPA 3.788.And for the last best student was achieved by Mochamad Zulfial Rizky with GPA 3.792.

besides from each department, there's also one best undergraduate from faculty of sport science and it's achieved by Zulfial Rizky with GPA 3.792.

Congratulation to all faculty of sport science undergraduate students who had been judgmented.




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SUKIPT is an international event between universities conducted on 2nd-7th of February, 2018 at Universiti Putra Malaysia where Unesa is represented only by sepak takraw sport. From the branch of onahraga takraw We get three champions (bronze medal) after successfully defeating thailand represented by NTRU university in the final of the 3rd winner (bronze medal). Prior to that in the group stage until the quarter-finals (top 8) representatives from Unesa were never invincible. But in the semi-finals, Unesa players who get silver when POMNAS in Makassar was stopped by a representative from Thailand represented by Thaksin University. According to I Dewa Made Aryananda Wijaya Kusuma, S.Pd., M.Or. as a coach that the defeat is not separated from the lack of preparation from Unesa takraw team which coincided with the 2017/2018 gasoline vacations and a very good game from Thaksin University. Student athletes who represent Unesa in the sport of takraw are really worthy to compete in the international arena where our achievement can bring the name of Unesa in the international world. The players from Unesa brought Dedi Setiadi Suryo Wicaksono, Dwi Dika Saputra, Jimmy Kartika Duwi Saputra, and Abdul Muin.
Hope for the follow-up of this result is preparation that must be more mature through training program in SME Sepak Takraw Unesa and notification of event participation that does not mendakan, meaning keuikutsertaa in an event should be planned and targeted as high-level. This kind of activity is very good to boost students' competence not only in academic but also non academic. Such an international event should be followed by other student activity units in order to honor the name of the accredited Unesa institution.