Evaluation of the Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)
S1 Pendidikan Jasmani, Kesehatan dan Rekreasi

Graduates  of  the  S1  Study Program  of  Physical  Health  and  Recreation  Education  in accordance with the perspective of the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) is at level 6. As for graduates of the study program in accordance with the mission formulation of the study program there are 4 objectives of the study program (Programe Education Outcomes / PEO) is who can become educators and entrepreneurs who have  advantages in physical education science, professional and character, with the characteristics: 

  1. Mastering and applying knowledge and skills continuously in the field of physical education to solve problems faced in professional tasks in a multidisciplinary and creative manner. 
  2. Designing  and  implementing  sustainable scientific implementation in the field of physical education in general and adaptive physical education/inclusion. 
  3. Utilizing  sustainable  information  and  communication  technology  (ICT)  creatively  and innovatively in learning and problem solving related to physical education. 
  4. Can be an individual as a lifelong learner through the development of innovations in the field of creative and responsible physical education, by prioritizing professional ethics. 

From 4 formulations of  the objectives of the study program or programe education outcomes (PEO) that can be described into 11 learning achievements or programe learning outcomes (PLO), covering attitudes, knowledge, specific skills, general skills. PEO and PLO can be seen at Curriculum. The results of the evaluation of the achievement of the PLO can be seen in the following figure.


PLO-1 (AS-1) Able to demonstrate a scientific, critical and innovative attitude in teaching physical education in a professional manner

PLO-2 (AS-2) Able to demonstrate religious and cultural values properly in accordance with academic ethics in carrying out professionally

PLO-3 (KNO-1) Able to demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of physical education through the concept of physical education

PLO-4 (KNO-2) Able to apply the concept of physical education to deal with problems that occur in the field with a modified approach

PLO-5 (KNO-3) Able to apply problem management methods in the field of physical education through classroom action research

PLO-6 (KNO-4) Able to apply technology in physical education learning

PLO-7 (KNO-5) Able to master theoretical and practical concepts in the field of physical education, especially the development of creativity (entrepreneur) in the field of physical education and sports

PLO-8 (SS-1) Able to solve problems in project-based physical education and guided discovery independently or in groups

PLO-9 (SS-2) Able to design research independently or in groups to provide alternative solutions to problems in the field of physical education

PLO-10 (GS-1) Able to use appropriate ICT to obtain alternative solutions to problems in the scope of physical education with various models of approaches

PLO-11 (GS-2) Designing entrepreneurial designs related to physical education and sports

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Student achievements in completing learning targets in accordance with the PLO in total can be described based on the following figure. Students' completeness in the excellent criteria is the most dominant (46%), the good criteria are the second (36%), the third place is the satisfy criteria (16%), while the student failure rate is 2%.